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In account of Jennifer Lopez’s birthday, Insider brawl reporters Ayomikun Adekaiyero and Esme Mazzeo ranked all 51 of the music videos she’s appear throughout her singing career so far. We advised videos that were appear in either English or Spanish, but not ones in which Lopez is abandoned featured as a bedfellow artist. 

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Here is our absolute baronial of Lopez’s videography, from her atomic absorbing accomplishment to her best iconic one. 

“Alive” is the archetypal cine music video to end all cine music videos, with scenes of the 2002 blur “Enough” credible so acutely that they absolutely access the screen. It makes sense, as the song was aggressive by the movie, which she starred in, and was originally meant to be on the film’s soundtrack.

However, the end aftereffect acquainted added like a confusing, abbreviated adaptation of the blur rather than an absolute music video. — Ayomikun Adekaiyero

The video starts with an unnecessarily big accession to a attack of a woman’s base in a bikini. As the song begins, the video tries to anesthetize the admirers by hitting it with so abounding abbreviate clips of both Lopez and Iggy Azalea’s cheers that the angel gets austere into your retinas.

It feels like this video was fabricated to be atrocious for the time, but in hindsight, it’s acclimatized and unimpressive. — AA

This video feels like a bad avant-garde reboot of the ’80s blur “Weird Science.”

TELYKast affiliate Trevor Klaiman and Kyle Tonoli accord cringeworthy acting performances as they use a VR architect to adjure up Lopez to coact with them in the video. The aglow affected backgrounds aback Lopez appears are absorbing but this gives way to arid shots of a army at one of TELYKast’s performances. — AA

Lopez looks attractive from arch to toe in the video for “Feel the Light,” and we apperceive that its affair is based off of the cine “Home,” but it’s still awkward watching her sing abandoned in amplitude and archetype aberrant choreography alongside animation characters.  — Esme Mazzeo

“Te Guste” is like a lot of avant-garde music videos that attack to advertise a distinct absolutely based on the affability of the artists. There isn’t abundant to this video added than Lopez and Bad Bunny aggravating to be adult while assuming and dancing to the music.

The aureate sun accomplishments is the best admirable part, but it doesn’t backpack the video absolute far. — AA

In the video for “Ni Tú Ni Yo,” Lopez basically aloof dances and poses in a agglomeration of abutting settings while men ogle her and booty her picture.

All of her looks are gorgeous, but at times the vibe is creepy.  — EM

The “Hustlers” brilliant is channeling a aroma ad charlatan in the “First Love” video, complete with the black-and-white blur and affecting address in the beginning. Her arch man is aces of such an ad, too.

But bristles account is a continued time to watch bodies agonize about in the arid administration affectionate moments.  — EM

“Baila” was appear in 1998 and has accordance from that era. It’s Lopez’s aboriginal official video, which isn’t adamantine to guess. It’s additionally low-concept; there isn’t abundant brawl amount in watching her sing and brawl about on absolute simple sets in advanced of a best microphone.

But throwbacks and homesickness acquire value, too. So, it’s not the everyman on our list.  — EM

The “Same Girl” song has a agnate affair as “Jenny From the Block,” but it’s not as catchy. The video finds Lopez aback on the streets and rooftops of New York as she tells us she’s the “same girl” she was afore fame. 

It’s candied to watch her airing the streets of what we’re academic is the Bronx — area her ancestors is from — and ride the subways as aflame admirers attending on. But there’s annihilation too altered to accomplish it angle out.

2014 J.Lo could’ve done better. — EM

For “Fresh Out The Oven,” clips are acclimated repetitively as an attack to be hypnotizing, but it aloof ends up actuality annoying. It’s not a absolute fail, though. There is a altered admiration to “Nightmare on Elm Street” and Lopez reveals a baking ancillary to her with her red lipstick and abbreviate blowzy albino hair. Unfortunately, overall, the video feels like a awe-inspiring apperception trip. — AA

Ironically, the best allotment of “Dance Again” is aback Lopez absolutely gets to brawl center through a song, a actuality fabricated ablaze by YouTube advertence that it’s the best replayed area of the song.

Lopez has batty allure with her dancing partner, and the pair’s alternation draws the admirers in. The video is ultimately let bottomward by the drifter elements: Abundant of the aboriginal allotment of the song is focused on Lopez abutting what appears to be a amphibian orgy. — AA

The “Let’s Get Loud” music video is a alive achievement from 2000 that was appear as an official video. It’s a active achievement with a lot of affective parts, including a alive bandage and dancers. But everyone’s apparel is basal compared to Lopez’s accepted standards, and it’s cryptic why this accurate achievement was accounted aces abundant to watch from a couch.  — EM

Almost every pop artisan has a abstract affected music video that is brought bottomward by abhorrent CGI backgrounds.

That is one of the abandoned means to alarm “Play.”

The video is active but looks so bogus that it about touches the astonishing valley, an abashing abrogating affecting acknowledgment to an avatar or apprentice that looks about like a human. — AA

This video is beauteous on a credible level, from Lopez’s brownish and adorable apparel to the arresting backgrounds that about feel like they’ve been aggressive by a painting you’d see in the Louvre.

However, “In The Morning” doesn’t absolutely acquaint us anything, and whatever the eyes for the video was, it went over my head. — AA

It is absolute that the Murder Remixes, hip-hop remixes of Lopez’s hit songs by Murder Inc. Records, outshine the aboriginal songs they’re based on. The aforementioned can be said for the Murder Remix music videos. The aboriginal “Ain’t It Funny” video, which is filmed in a amber tone, shows Lopez abutting a accumulation of travelers and falling for a hot man. 

As addition who is not allotment of Romani culture, I cannot animadversion on whether the video is abhorrent or cultural appreciation. However, the continued brawl scenes absolutely fit the active Latin pop aspect of the song. — AA

Lopez aloof cuddles on the bank with a fabulous lover during best of the video for “I’m Into You” and there’s annihilation too amazing about it. There is absolutely altered choreography in the brawl break, which is the standout moment, but it’s cryptic why Lopez’s song “Papi” plays in that moment instead of the song the video is absolutely for. — EM

The music video for the carol adaptation of “Marry Me” is a nice change of clip for Lopez — she releases added uptempo songs than accurate ballads. There isn’t abundant activity on conceptually in the video, and it’s difficult to acquaint if Lopez is meant to be herself or her appearance from the cine of the aforementioned name, Kat Valdez, who is a acclaimed accompanist that marries a drifter on an impulse. — EM

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“Emotions” is one of Lopez’s added stripped-back music videos on this list. The black-and-white video mostly consists of Lopez singing with a pianist while cutting a New York cap, heels, ripped jeans, and a adviser jacket.

As a music video, it is rather boring, but it absolutely lets the song do the talking and, alibi the pun, lets you feel Lopez’s emotions. — AA 

It’s difficult to acquaint whether we’re meant to booty “Do It Well” actively or if it’s declared to be one behemothic joke.

In the video, Lopez has to action her way through a ailing underground club to save a adolescent bondservant but the dance-fighting in this book comes off as abundantly corny.  The attack to accomplish the club assume adumbral is debilitated by accidental cuts of Lopez singing to the camera and the accessible PG rating. 

On the one hand, the video is added aesthetic and absorbing than aloof objectifying Lopez, which happens in a lot of others on this list. However, the agreeable doesn’t fit the song and it is absolute ambagious what the eyes was for this video. — AA 

This music video’s bigger sin is that about none of it feels absolutely Lopez, which absolutely contradicts the lyrics of the song. Aback has Lopez been a biker? Why is she in a accidental baby boondocks rather than in the Bronx? What’s with the awe-inspiring CGI activated date in the desert? The abandoned genitalia that feel “real” at all are aback Lopez is interacting with accouchement or dancing. — AA

Conceptually, the music video for “I’m Gonna Be Alright” best acutely resembled a video she appear aloof a year afore — “I’m Absolute (Murder Remix).” Lopez has absolutely appear a few videos abounding of scenes of her accepting accidental adventures in the city. This video doesn’t do abundant to set itself afar from others with the aforementioned theme. That said, the video does acquire a archetypal J.Lo feel that’s abating to watch. — EM

The bank is the capital appearance yet afresh in Lopez’s 2021 video for “Cambia El Paso.” She’s aloof a woman who wants to brawl — either on the beach, in the water, or on the streets of a bank boondocks at night.

There’s a best vibe that sets the video afar from all of her added beachy-themed videos, and it evokes the ’80s. Plus, beheld furnishings accomplish it attending beat in some places, which is interesting. The abstraction is basic, but that’s acquire aback the ambiance is right. — EM

Lopez, Cardi B, and DJ Khaled absorb a night in an absurd abode for 2018’s “Dinero.” Of course, they are amidst by admirable people. But it’s mostly fun to watch to see how boundless the scenes can get.

An aboriginal arena appearance a bedazzled bowling ball, and afresh of advance there are all the alien animals — a peacock, an elephant, and an ostrich accomplish appearances. But the brilliant of the blur is the unicorn at the end for sure. It about makes us balloon about the odd Jersey Mike’s artefact placement. — EM

There doesn’t assume to be abundant of a acumen for Lopez to comedy assorted characters interacting with anniversary added at a bistro in the “Get Right” music video, but we’re not complaining.

It’s abundant to see Lopez lose herself in anniversary of the altered clones, compared to added videos area the superstar is acutely actuality herself. The video is memorable, rewatchable, and includes some absorbing choreography. If abandoned it fabricated a bit added sense. — AA

Lopez’s video for her 2013 accord with Pitbull — “Live It Up” — is chaotic. But it’s absurd to be mad about that, because it’s so abundant fun.

J.Lo is giving us “Black Swan” accordance for the scenes of the photoshoot in Paris. And aback she assuredly makes it to Miami, she dares to abrasion chicken lipstick like no one abroad in the apple could. It is ambagious why the collaborators absorb so abundant screentime apart, but that’s not as abashing as the sets featuring Lopez on the beat or amidst by lasers. — EM

The “Goin’ In” video absolutely has no abstraction at all, but it’s visually beauteous and the fast clip makes it adamantine to stop watching no amount what.

Anything that abstracts with bloom is arresting to watch. Plus, how could we not be absorbed by the bureaucracy that featured Lopez cutting a bloom cape with bedazzled lips? Amidst by wolves, she’s absolutely giving “Little Red Riding Hood” accordance for no acumen at all. That’s iconic. — EM

On aboriginal watch, the affiliation seems about non-existent amid the “Limitless” music video and the Lopez cine it’s from, 2018’s “Second Act.” The video seems to acquire an allotment or feminist affair about women angry to ascend to the top and authoritative a change.

However, that bulletin is absent abaft the confusing CGI and a abiding attack of Lopez actualization in the skies like she is Mufasa from “The Lion King.” — AA 

The majority of the “On the Floor” music video is set in a club, which is absolute apt for the 2011 song that went on to become a club classic.

The two artists in the song, Lopez and Pitbull, aristocrat over the allowance in adverse VIP sections. Lopez looks like adeptness as she apparel over her couch in a gold dress. Meanwhile, Pitbull is absolutely sitting on a head amidst by women covered in gold and atramentous beam paint. 

Despite the arresting visuals, the video couldn’t be placed college due to the aberrant storyline and the actuality that it feels like an ad for at atomic bristles altered products. — AA 

Who doesn’t like a dance-off? That’s the capital abstraction for “Amor, Amor, Amor,” which is from Lopez’s additional Spanish anthology “Por Primera Vez.” The ambience is what makes the video angle out, with neon signs and a begrimed atmosphere affairs the underground club vibe. 

It gets some abrogating credibility for actuality a sly ad for “World of Dance,” a dancing absoluteness alternation produced by and starring Lopez as a adjudicator that aired from 2017 to 2020 on NBC. — AA

The music video for Lopez’s 2019 distinct “Medicine” is fascinating, creepy, and absolutely bizarre. Lopez stars as the agitator of an awesome carnival, complete with affluence tellers, fire-tamers, and a bodybuilder all dressed in august white aural an abysm of darkness. 

There isn’t absolutely abundant of a chance to this music video. However, the admirable backdrop and Lopez’s ambit of attractive apparel accomplish up for that. Lopez additionally gets to appearance off her pole dancing abilities from her blur “Hustlers,” which would be appear afterwards that year. — AA

Simplicity can be powerful, and Lopez’s 2003 video for “Baby I Adulation U!” is a prime archetype of that. Cutting a white T-shirt and simple, accustomed makeup, Lopez sings the song anon to the camera, as if she’s singing to her lover who is afterwards her about the house.

The absolute video is a close-up on Lopez’s face, so her joy is absurd for her to hide, abacus to the acquaintance of the experience. Flashy clothes and beaches aren’t basal to cogent belief in music videos, and “Baby I Adulation U!” proves that. — EM

Lopez flips the calligraphy on some baneful and absurd music-video tropes in the 2014 video for “I Luh Ya Papi.” She and her accompany brainstorm a book area she uses macho models in her abstraction and objectifies them as abundant as women are generally objectified in videos.

She additionally makes fun of the actuality that abounding videos amore the artisan on a yacht for no credible reason.

It’s a fun, outside-the-box access for Lopez. It’s additionally absolutely auspicious that one of her looks is a brace of sweats. She should be accustomed to focus on abundance sometimes. — EM

The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” music video, which was nominated for two MTV Video Music awards in 2001, would absolutely be put in a time time-capsule of 2000s music videos that acquire continued been larboard behind.

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It is anytime dramatized admitting annihilation absolutely activity on added than Lopez active to a beach. There is an aggressive use of CGI to actualize a affected bank accomplishments for a postcard arena that aloof overshadows the contrarily absorbing brawl break.

Despite all this, there’s a cornball and adorable aspect to the video that keeps you watching, allowance it to rank this aerial on our list. — AA

The “J.Lo in the City” affair has popped up abounding times on this account already, but her “I’m Absolute (Murder Remix)” video with Ja Rule is one of the best executions of the concept.

Lopez and Ja Rule were a bond that formed so able-bodied in the flat and on camera in the aboriginal ’00s. It’s adamantine not to bolt homesickness while watching this video. — EM

“Hold It Don’t Drop It” is a alternation of achievement vignettes; it’s simple, but entertaining. All of the architecture looks are impeccable, abnormally the argent aperture in the disco arena and the rhinestone eye architecture in the bureaucracy with the chair.

Plus, not anybody can cull off absolutely accepted from a disco ball, but Lopez does. — EM

“Feelin’ So Good” is a “humble day in the activity of Lopez” blazon of music video, alike if it may not acquire been absolutely accurate for the accompanist aback it was appear in 2000. Joined by Fat Joe and Big Pun, who appearance on the track, the video is as airy as the lyrics. — AA

“On My Way” is a adequately basal cine music video featuring Lopez amidst by screens that appearance scenes from her latest movie, 2002’s “Marry Me,” or images aggressive by the film, like the carnival. She appears to be amorous about the words she’s singing, and it’s accessible to brainstorm she’s cerebration of her rekindled affair with Ben Affleck. 

But in truth, the video makes it to this atom on our account because Lopez’s apparel are flawless. Her bloom blush high-low clothes has a white arrangement and scalloping detail that makes her resemble a butterfly in the best, best affected way. Plus, a sparkly atramentous pantsuit never misses, abnormally not on J.Lo. 

The official adaptation of the video is good, but we additionally charge to bark out Affleck for administering a Valentine’s Day cut, which tugs at the heartstrings in all the appropriate places and adeptness the apple with Bennifer footage. He loves us, too! — EM

The “Papi” video looks like a abominable aroma or abrasive ad. Turns out the video was absolutely an advertisement. Scenes from it were acclimated in a bartering for Fiat 500 in 2011; Lopez drives the car in the video.

Despite that, the tongue-in-cheek vibe is what makes aggregate work. The abstraction is appealing simple: Lopez eats a abracadabra cookie so that her lover, who is in the army, comes aback to her. But instead, the cookie makes every man in the about hunt afterwards her, aggravating to accretion her amore and angry anniversary added over a rose to accord her.

The best allotment is the brawl breach at the end area Lopez discovers that the men hunt her movement and instructs them all in a accumulation dance. The dancers’ synchronized movement is amazing and provides a nice acute moment to the chase. —AA

Lopez’s music video, “No Me Ames,” which translates to “Don’t Adulation Me,” has absolutely a legacy. It accustomed a choice for the aboriginal Latin Grammy anytime in 2000 for best abbreviate anatomy music video. It was additionally the aboriginal time Marc Anthony, who would go on to ally (and eventually divorce) Lopez several years later, dueted with Lopez afterwards she appeared in his music video for “No Me Conoces” (“You Don’t Apperceive Me”).

Although this is a Lopez ranking, it’s Anthony who absolutely shines during the carol and makes this video great. The brace brilliant as lovers spending their aftermost moments calm as Anthony’s appearance boring dies of an illness. Anthony’s transitions amid anger, pride, and anguish feel so real. Lopez isn’t able to back anywhere abreast as impactful affections during the video.

However, I do adulation the arresting beheld at the end of the video area Lopez, in atramentous burial clothing, is actuality followed by Anthony’s ghost, who’s dressed in all white. — AA

Lopez plays an adviser who goes clandestine for the FBI to advice them abduction her admirer in the “Me Haces Falta” video. It’s the additional and final distinct off of her aboriginal Spanish-language album, 2007’s “Como Ama una Mujer,” and was accounting by Anthony, her bedmate at the time. 

“Me haces falta” translates to “I absence you” in English, and the adverse amid the words she’s singing and her accomplishments in the video brings a aberrant faculty of acuteness to it all. Some of the scenes are bathed in red while others acquire a best vibe to them, about authoritative “Me Haces Falta” feel like an indie abbreviate film. — EM

“All I Have,” the additional distinct off of Lopez’s 2002 album, “This Is Me… Then.” is a breakdown affiliation with LL Air-conditioned J. The video gives me all of the wintery, cozy, sad accordance I could anytime want. 

LL Air-conditioned J and Lopez comedy exes reminiscing about their bootless accord while walking albino streets alone. Lopez visits her ex-beau’s abode and leaves an impeccably captivated key beneath his timberline to announce the certitude of their breakdown afore reuniting with her friends. We watch the brace adjure up memories of anniversary added in their minds, but the memories don’t aftermost continued afore they deliquesce in advanced of our eyes. 

The subtlety of the appropriate furnishings is abandoned one aspect that makes the “All I Have” video great. The anniversary artful is additionally abnormally comforting, whether I’m bugged by the gigantic snowflake that opens the story, the burst snowglobe at its climax, or the blaze that signifies the end.

Plus, Lopez’s bloom winter covering and bristling hat are the stars on top of the timberline to abide the theme. — EM

“If You Had My Love” was the aboriginal distinct off of Lopez’s 1999 admission album, “On the 6,” and it beats dozens of the videos she’s fabricated back then.

In the video, a man and several added bodies acquire the adeptness to watch Lopez, allegedly on a webcam, dancing about her abode and accomplishing a cardinal of activities. In hindsight, there’s a audible cyberstalker vibe, abnormally back it is not fabricated ablaze how abundant ascendancy Lopez has over anybody accessing the stream; at one point, Lopez showers while actuality recorded.

Alternatively, maybe the video is prophetic, announcement how advances in technology would eventually advance to abbreviating aloofness in our own homes because of social-media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. And, of course, it relates to the aggression of aloofness that celebrities generally face.

Beyond the intriguingly future-thinking themes, it’s visually appealing cool. The afire car and the computer underwater are beautifully-shot moments, admitting some of the computer animations are acutely a artefact of their time and don’t authority up absolutely as well.

The video has one of the best acute concepts of Lopez’s videos. It’s additionally memorable for the admirable nod to Lopez’s adorning role as a celebrity aback we see a adolescent babe try to archetype Lopez’s moves. — AA

Lopez creates six adapt egos from altered eras in American history in the video for the feminist canticle “Ain’t Your Mama,” a 2016 distinct cowritten by Meghan Trainor and others.

We see Lopez ablution floors as a 1950s housewife and actuality larboard out of boardrooms as a accumulated woman in the ’80s. No amount her role, Lopez has the aforementioned bulletin for any man aggravating to advance her around: “Take affliction of yourself / I ain’t your astronomic / I booty affliction of me.”

It’s consistently a amusement to watch Lopez footfall into a absolute acting role in a music video, but “Ain’t Your Mama” is different. The bulletin is able and clear: Women are angry for ability in every decade. Lopez channels “The Donna Reed Show” in the ’50s, “Mad Men” in the ’60s, and “Norma Rae” in the ’70s. She alike borrows words from Hilary Clinton’s 1995 accent at the Fourth Women’s Conference in Beijing, per Bustle. 

“Ain’t Your Mama” is brawl that matters, but the adumbration and ablaze artful additionally accomplish it adorable to watch. It has agnate accordance to Britney Spears’ 2008 “Womanizer” video, but that ability aloof be because they both amore alive women adopting a array of adapt egos.

I will never acquire the accouterments Lopez wears in the artery for the modern-day allocation of the video, but I’m able to absolve it because it’s attenuate that Lopez’s bulletin outshines her wardrobe. This time, it does. — EM

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After the absolution of her additional anthology “J.Lo,” Lopez formed on an anthology of remixes of her earlier songs, abounding of which surpassed the affection of the aboriginal tracks.

Ja Rule’s accord on “I’m Absolute (Murder Remix)” and “Ain’t It Funny (Murder Remix)” fabricated those two remixes angle out aloft the rest. However, the music video for the closing is added authentic, aggregate the styles of both artists rather than aptitude too heavily on Rule’s hip-hop aesthetic.

The video — which additionally stars Ashanti, who wrote Lopez’s verses — is mostly set in a abode party. At the beginning, Lopez invites her admirer in and shows him about the affair until she bliss him out for blockage out addition girl. Rule and Cadillac Tah, who appearance on the track, are additionally present, with Tah rapping his ballad in a recording berth central the house.

The aesthetic elements of the video flash in the moments area the camera moves in the point of appearance of the admirer and you do not see the amateur arena him except through reflections. Plus Lopez’s aboriginal accouterments — that amethyst halterneck crop top analogous the amethyst eyeshadow! — is gorgeous. — AA

“Pa’Ti” and “Lonely” comprise an eight-minute and 56-second accurate masterpiece in music video anatomy directed by Jessy Terrero. Lopez duets with her “Marry Me” costar Maluma on both tracks, and admitting the songs are separate, the videos accomplish up two genitalia of one complete story.

Lopez plays a billionaire who is beneath investigation, and Maluma plays her babysitter and lover. We eventually apprentice he is additionally an FBI abettor who helped accompany her into aegis aback she was brought up on accuse accompanying to her business. His animosity for her ultimately outweigh his faculty of chastity aback he helps her escape from bastille via an access at the end of “Lonely.” Two months later, aback the accursed lovers accommodated afresh at a bar in Abu Dhabi, Lopez ignores her ex and walks away. 

The artifice is absolutely predictable, but a activity with the anecdotal ambit of “Pa’Ti”/”Lonely” is almost attenuate in music today.

Of course, no J.Lo video can be advised ballsy afterwards a brawl break. The one featured aback she is in bastille gives off “Chicago” vibes. Plus, Lopez and Maluma’s allure is on affectation in every arena they share, and watching it makes me a little bit sad that the accompanist doesn’t acquire Owen Wilson’s allotment in “Marry Me.”— EM

 The “Hold You Down” music video not abandoned has attractive visuals of the Bronx, but it additionally feels like the best common video Lopez has in her catalog.

It additionally has a simple concept, afterwards Lopez and rapper Fat Joe in altered settings in her home borough.

The aurora attack at the alpha abaft Lopez in her atramentous faux fur covering and blah cap is stunning. This beautifully clashes with the acrid greys of the Bronx and Fat Joe in the moments afterward.

In particular, I adulation the admiration to Big Pun, who died of affection abortion anon afterwards his antecedent clue with Lopez and Fat Joe, “Feelin’ So Good.”

During the video aback Fat Joe raps “When Pun died you was the aboriginal to alarm me / I never told you but you was there for me,” we see the mural created for the rapper, giving the shout-out a admirable faculty of authenticity. — AA

On paper, a video about a babble in the boscage on New Year’s Eve at the about-face of the millennium doesn’t assume like it would work. But at the appendage end of 1999, it did, and it holds up today.

During her “Making the Video” chance for “Waiting For Tonight,” which is the third distinct off of her admission anthology “On The 6,” Lopez said that aback casting for the video, she was attractive for “real people” who could be her accompany at home in the Bronx. It’s funny that she thinks admirers would be absorption on those added bodies aback so abounding anesthetic frames of the video focus on Lopez alone.

For one look, they alert gems that looked like chunk on Lopez’s face. In “Making the Video,” she appear she austere her acquire during the shots area she had to brawl in advanced of blooming lasers. She additionally did some of her own stunts for the video and danced in a basin abounding of freezing baptize so that we could consistently bethink her superimposed anatomy dancing in advanced of a avalanche in Hawaii. 

All of her adamantine assignment on this iconic video was account it. This video is the aboriginal one that comes to apperception aback I anticipate of Lopez. If abandoned we could’ve all acclaimed the about-face of the millennium at an alien rave. — EM

The music video for “I’m Glad” works both as an admiration to the 1983 cine “Flashdance” and as a call of Lopez’s own rags-to-riches story.

She channels Jennifer Beals’ “Flashdance” appearance Alex as the video break bottomward the important moments of the movie: the audience to get into brawl school; alive in a animate mill; air-conditioned at home in that iconic blah sweatshirt; dancing in a band club.

It’s the absolute cine to advertence because it allows Lopez to appearance off her dancing skills, which she’s arguably best accepted for. Her moves are agitated but abundantly alive and she altogether captures the self-taught aspect of Beals’ character.

There’s acutely an objectifying aspect to it, abnormally in the band club. However, the red lights and spotlights acclimated in that accurate arena accord it an aesthetic feel, rather than advancing off as an attack to artlessly sexualize Lopez. You acquire to focus added on her movements rather than admiring her body. Afresh we get to the audience scene, area Lopez aloof looks like she’s accepting fun. — AA

Lopez is a accurate queen in the 2018 video “El Anillo,” which translates in English to “The Ring.” She plays a autocrat who is accessible and accommodating to acquire a alliance angle from a aces man afterwards he’s put through the analysis angry for her.

But the angle of the chorus, “Y el anillo pa cuando?” about translates to “And where’s the ring?” The man is accustomed to action for what he wants, but in the end, he’d bigger acquire the attribute of charge Queen Lopez deserves. She accepted the abstraction on “Erbo Darden on Beats 1,” calling the video one of her favorites and adding, “This is article on addition akin that I absolutely love.” 

It’s visually stunning, featuring Lopez in altered adorned apparel fit for a queen you ability see on “Game of Thrones.” While watching the queen’s abeyant suitor (played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre) action for his adventitious with her, I’m absolutely entertained by the optical illusions Lopez does with her accoutrements in the choreography.

An absolute arena floats on the awning at some points, but aback you watch the “El Anillo” video, you apprehend the bulletin is about so abundant added than a ring. It’s about women claiming their ability and alive their account at the aforementioned time. — EM

The one affair the “Que Hiciste” music video is not missing is dramatics. In the video, Lopez is on the run from article or someone. It is never fabricated clear, but the lyrics do allude to a lover. She drives into the desert, dyes her beard atramentous in a gas base bathroom, and afresh sets her car afire in an ballsy explosion.

For both choruses, the music builds up and we get assorted shots of Lopez dancing about in the night, lit abandoned by the bonfire engulfing her car and the arid about her. The abolition is alluring, and it’s what makes the video angle out.

A brace of added capacity would accomplish for a absolutely accurate experience.  Who is she active from? Area is she active to? Why is she cutting such abstract clothes for a chance in the desert? But alike afterwards that clarity, the video is an adventure. —AA

Bennifer in 2022 is iconic, but the world’s admiration to apperceive aggregate about their clandestine activity calm from 2002 to 2004 was insatiable. 

It’s accessible to cycle your eyes at an official music video featuring paparazzi footage of Lopez and Affleck’s clandestine activity and affirmation they aloof appetite attention, and maybe they did.

But by accumulation affectionate footage of her relationship, scenes performed in advanced of audacious lights, and the lyrics (which are all about blockage ashore admitting fame), Lopez is absolutely authoritative absolutely a statement. 

She’s giving the apple what they appetite and additionally declaring, “I’m still me and I consistently am.” Abandoned Lopez and those abutting to her apperceive if that account is accurate or not, but the “Jenny from the Block” video stands the analysis of time.

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Unicorn 8rd Birthday Invitation Floral Rainbow – Unicorn Party Invites | Unicorn Party Invites

Analysis aside, it’s additionally accurate entertainment, which is all I ask of a music video. If the paparazzi are activity to annoy you to try and get pictures of your admirer avaricious your base anyway, why not absolution footage in an official video? Giving the apple what it wants doesn’t stop anyone from allurement for more, but maybe it bought Lopez a moment or two of peace.

Affleck allegedly told the Daily Record in 2008 that filming “Jenny from the Block” is one of his bigger regrets, but we achievement he’s afflicted his mind. — EM

Unicorn Party Invites – Unicorn Party Invites
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Editable Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Etsy - Unicorn Party Invites
Editable Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation INSTANT DOWNLOAD – Etsy – Unicorn Party Invites | Unicorn Party Invites

What about picture over? will be that will awesome???. if you’re more dedicated so, I’l d teach you several photograph all over again underneath:

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Einhorngeburtstagspartyeinladungskarte Stock Vektor Art und mehr  - Unicorn Party Invites
Einhorngeburtstagspartyeinladungskarte Stock Vektor Art und mehr – Unicorn Party Invites | Unicorn Party Invites
RAINBOW UNICORN BIRTHDAY Invitation Editable Rainbow Unicorn - Etsy - Unicorn Party Invites
RAINBOW UNICORN BIRTHDAY Invitation Editable Rainbow Unicorn – Etsy – Unicorn Party Invites | Unicorn Party Invites

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